Company Overview


The Arab Poultry and Cattle Equipment co. (APCECO) is a share holding company sponsored by Fujairah Government located in the new industrial area in Fujairah. Arab Poultry and Cattle Equipment Co. (APCECO) is one of the biggest factories in the Middle East, which is specialized in poultry and cattle equipment.The company deals with poultry equipments in particular and some other agricultural products in general which belong mainly to sheet metal industry.On October 07, 2003, APCECO and Big Dutchman – Germany, signed an agreement on the production under license, the transfer of know-how and technical assistance. APCECO has already invested approximately 6 Million USD in a modern production plant and administrative buildings.

Mr. Osama Al Hamada

The General Manager who reports directly to the Chairman heads the company.

The General Manager is responsible for the day to day functioning of the organization to achieve the organizational objectives to the satisfaction of the management, and key personnel of the company which includes the production manager, production engineer, accounts manager, purchasing manager, down to the laborers.

The Marketing Manager has to ensure that the set budgetary targets are achieved on a periodic basis and sales engineers and other sales staff support him. He also takes care the issues related to customer services.

The quality control department handles all quality related matters. The coils received are tested for quality and ensured they are as per the specifications, thickness and other properties. The raw materials storage is inspected and make sure they are protected and handled properly.

After production, each order is checked, inspected before dispatch. Any variation from the order or any damage caused is detected and the necessary action is recommended to the production department. Care is taken to keep the rejected/-damaged items to the minimum possible.

The production department coordinates with marketing department, and the QA/QC in effectively planning the job and optimizing the production. The purchase committee confirms the specification for the coils and accessories with the QAQC, stock status with the production department and the demand position with the marketing department before finalizing the orders and timely receipt of the raw materials is monitored.

The production foreman receives the work order and related instructions like delivery period from the design department for each order and plans his work on a daily basis / weekly basis. Once the products are ready, and the QC check the same the information is passed on to the marketing department for the necessary actions for delivery. The customer has to arrange his transport for collection of the materials unless otherwise specified

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